Making Time

Sunday, January 19, 2014

It feels like I never have time for my blog anymore. That's not true, of course; I just don't make time. It annoys me when people say they "don't have time" for things. If you want to do something, you'll make time for it. Do you think? Or am I just being grumpy? ;)

I am SO anxious to get bpaperie off the ground. I bought a printer on December 2nd -- an expensive one! -- and have had nothing but trouble with it. Very sad. This past Friday Epson finally shipped me a new one. I was able to set it up, but I haven't tried printing yet. My office is closed on Monday for MLK Jr. day, so I think I will spend the morning test printing.  I have heard that it's hard to adjust colors, etc., to match what you see on your monitor. I hope this is not too big of an issue!

All of that has kind of bummed me out and kept me from designing, but last night I came up with this. Thanks to my dear friend Kari for the quote inspiration.

I confess I don't love orange all that much, but lots of people do, including my husband, so there must be something to Frank's quote!

I'd write more, but I'm off to snuggle my pooch. Happy Sunday!


Kari said...

I think you should make a print that just says "snuggle me" It'd be cute

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